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There are so many ways to bring the joy of music to everyone with pPlay. Whether it’s great accessability in music education, professionals adding additional color to their gigs, or family and friends bringing the joy of music home, pInstruments are the easy and affordable way to add your own great music to your life!

Teaching Assistance - Curriculum Assistance and Classroom Learning Tools
Educational & Performance Materials for pBuzz
Educational & Performance Materials for pBone, pBoneMini and pTrumpet

Early Learning
More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone - the new brightly colored, lightweight and smooth edged pBuzz makes music fun for early learners! Offering a truly authentic musical instrument experience, the pBuzz has a range of 6 notes through its movable slide. The slide positions are outlined by color, note name and also slide positions 1 - 6 so children can learn in many ways, from traditional notation to a note color system, to help aid understanding of pitch and varying length.

Elementary Exploring
The pBoneMini is a truly authentic musical instrument - a fully functioning dual bore Eb alto trombone. It’s smaller in size and it’s terrific for small children and those that need additional accommodations. At less than half the weight of their brass counterparts the pBone and pTrumpet are ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance of a metal instrument.

Modern Band
Brass instruments have a rich history of performing with rock and pop bands for decades. In cooperation with Little Kids Rock, there is greater access to beginning and intermediate pHorn section music for a real rock band sound.

Classic Band
When students don’t have instruments, they can’t learn. pInstruments provide accessibility when brass instruments are not available. Start more beginners on pBone, pTrumpet and pCornet, and then prepare for more band members as they enjoy early success.

Mariachi music celebrates the colorful Mexican heritage and pTrumpets are the perfect way for children of all ages to learn about this rich cultural history.

Pep Band
Get the crowd started with a complete ensemble of pInstruments. It’s a great change of pace and takes the entertainment to another octave!

Education in Action
See how educators around the U.S. incorporate pInstruments into their unique situations.
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Teacher Professional Development & Training
For schools and school districts looking for additional training and guidance in incorporating pBuzz, pBone, pTrumpet and pCornet into your music programs, please contact us.
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