Christmas Kettle Flash Mob

Create a Christmas Kettle Flash Mob to celebrate your community’s outreach and the Salvation Army kettle campaign for local programs.

Did you know that Salvation Army music programs began when the men of the Salvation Army who were guarding the safety of the female kettle ringers decided to do more than stand around? They grabbed their horns started playing. As a result, donations grew and a music movement was born!

Today, pBone, pTrumpet, pCornet and pBuzz are becoming a staple in Salvation Army music programs. So instead of just standing around, we’re putting our best foot forward to help the Salvation Army in your community.

Here’s how:
Get some friends together and pick up some pBones and pTrumpets. These are easy-to-learn instruments and our Brass Tabs playing system makes it easy. Don’t know how to buzz? Watch our video lessons. For this program get an instrument music lyre that clamps on and a marching music holder. Your local band instrument music store has all of this and probably has someone who can give you a few tips as well.

During that hour, teach them how to move air, buzz and basic slide/valve positions. Get them playing asap! (Check out our “Learn in an hour” guide for more info.)

Use our three holiday tunes below written in both standard notation and in our unique “horn tabs” (think guitar tabs) that simply show slide position and harmonic (low/medium/high). The sheet music is free and just the right size for the music holder.

Select a few Salvation Army Kettle sites and times to perform. Send everyone home to practice and offer get together as needed to help and encourage each other as needed.

Show up at the location with your ensemble. Perform near (but not too near) the Kettle and invite people to make a donation. Take pictures, videos, post on social media, and contact your local media. Oh, and bring the hot chocolate … or something similar! Repeat as many times as possible at kettle locations in your area.

The flash mob doesn’t have to end there. We will be making other suggestions for adult performances periodically. Of course, taking a few more lessons at your local music store won’t hurt either!


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