The pBoneMini is a truly authentic musical instrument - a fully functioning trombone in a smaller size. It’s terrific for younger children as well as those that need additional accommodations.

pBoneMini is remarkably tough. Just like the larger pBone, it can take knocks and bumps in its stride. The pBoneMini is therefore perfect to allow beginners to explore the trombone without any fear of damage. The composite slide tubes lap in over time so the slide gets better and better with use. The unique strength of the glass fiber material means that “dings and dents” in your slide are a thing of the past!

It’s a pBone – Mini! The name says it all. While the pBoneMini is in the key Eb, like an alto trombone, it’s designed to play the lower partials – making it easier to play for children. Special attention has been given to providing for a true trombone sound, including squared crooks and a professional dual bore. You will see players at all levels of experience having a great time with pBoneMini!

For Education 

The pBoneMini is next natural step after learning the pBuzz. Whereas the pBuzz provides for one partial (six notes), the pBoneMini provides additional partials - just like a real trombone! It even comes with a just-right sized mouthpiece for young players. pBoneMini can provide young children with a trombone experience that opens the door to music learning. Use pBoneMini to engage young children with the trombone no matter what the age.

• Plastic Material
• Pitched in Eb
• 7-inch Bell
• Weighs 1.8 pounds
• Lockable slide
• Water key
• 2 colors available (red/blue)
• pBoneMini small shank mouthpiece
• Fabric carry bag

FAQ - https://pbone.co.uk/faqs/  

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