A New Chapter in Trumpet Evolution

pTrumpet hyTech, hearing is believing…

pTrumpet hyTech® marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution – it combines metal and polymer to deliver a performance standard comparable to higher-quality student trumpets. It’s actually difficult to say whether this is a plastic trumpet with metal parts, or a metal trumpet with plastic parts!

Building on the lightweight, robust, durable and affordable features of pTrumpet, hyTech has undergone a rigorous development program including valuable feedback on the concept from professional players and teachers from the U.S. and around the world.  

Further developing the use of an ABS plastic body this patented metal/plastic hybrid design includes stainless steel lined plastic pistons, brass and polymer hybrid valve block and lead pipe and a silver-plated metal mouthpiece. This design creates a free-blowing, open feel and accurate intonation - delivering a performance standard beyond that of any previous plastic trumpet.

This ‘take anywhere’ Bb trumpet in luxurious black finish with silver trim, is a big hit with schools, band and individuals alike, as its lightweight design aids great technique, develops good posture and makes it perfect for any performance activity. 

pTrumpet hyTech has already received praise from leading trumpeters...

Ellie Lovegrove, London Orchestral Freelance Trumpet Teacher, Junior Guildhall School of Music, said: “It’s so impressive…I think any kid would be so excited to get this out of the case. It feels like a really robust kind of instrument despite the fact it’s so lightweight. You get a lot of vibrancy from the sound.”

Alex Rideout, Jazz Soloist, British Jazz Awards Rising Star 2018, said: “It feels great and it’s such a lovely big sound … so cool.”

Gareth Small, Principal Trumpet of Halle Orchestra and London Brass, said: “The sound!... you wouldn’t think it was plastic!”


pTrumpet hyTech looks and plays like a traditional brass instrument, but is durable, light, tough and inexpensive, making it a terrific choice for teachers and programs needing a more affordable and durable option for traditional band. Its performance and sound will exceed your expectations.


Knowing that plastic and poly materials do not react or respond like brass, the developers of hyTech have undertaken a rigorous development program to achieve traditional trumpet playing, sound and response characteristics. Plastics also provide some greater opportunities, including that the interior of the instrument can have differing dimensions than the exterior may suggest.

 This patented metal/plastic hybrid design includes many unique parts which contribute to its innovative design, including:
Brass Mouthpiece Receiver, CNC-crafted from a solid brass tube – One important benefit of this feature is that the weight of the receiver provides some centering of sound, such as that provided by a weighted mouthpiece. The critical distance between the end of the mouthpiece shank and the lead pipe venturi is highly accurate. The extent to which the receiver has been developed actually exceeds that of many student instruments. 

Reverse Leadpipe Design – this professional level leadpipe has interior dimensions of one of the most popular high level instruments today. The design has been skillfully adapted to provide the response and performance expected from some of the best made trumpets.

Main Tuning Slide – The single radius design and internal dimensions provides for the best balance of resistance and response. Tuning slide receivers reveal the reverse leadpipe design. The molded-in brace provides traditional support. Even the water key is positioned in the optimum position for performance and a positive effect on response.  

Valve Block – The brass core of the valve block is a key element in this instrument’s performance. It is protected by an advanced poly-fill material that is “shot” around the brass tubes for best adhesion. The poly-fill adds both strength to the valve block and resonance to the instrument sound. Each valve casing is double-honed for exacting tolerances. 

Pistons – pTrumpet hyTech piston assemblies include lightweight top caps and silenced with traditional felts on and beneath the top caps. Threading design for top and bottom valve caps not only provides for secure fit but also designed for strength and longevity. Top-action covered valve springs and a single ABS valve guide provide proper action and position. 

The pistons themselves are each stainless steel lined on a poly core. Each piston port is exact and chamfered for a smooth transition between the materials. Pistons are centerless ground to achieve fine tolerance and hand-lapped to fit each brass sleeve. Extensive testing reveals that our processes are achieving high industry standards of compression across the valve block, comparable to the best student level trumpets and even some higher level models. Proper compression equates to good focus, slotting, tuning and articulating (ease of speaking) when playing. Pistons, casings and ports are thoroughly cleaned by hand to remove any extraneous materials throughout the process. Synthetic oils are recommended but any traditional valve oil is acceptable. 

Valve Slides – ABS valve slides and receivers are accurately sized for proper function and performance. Traditional proper use of standard valve grease or Vaseline-style lubricant will keep these slides functioning properly. While the third valve finger ring (as well as the ring on the leadpipe) might appear “chunky”, their mass belies their very light weight which has little impact on the instrument’s response while providing for excellent durability.

Bell and Bell Bow – One piece polymer bell from bell flair to bow modelled on the most popular professional level flair design. All connections are highly durable because of the automotive finish techniques incorporated into the process. 

Anti-microbial Protection
pTrumpet hyTech incorporates patented anti-microbial technology with verified resistant to the adverse effects of microbes such as bacteria and mold and provides the highest standards of protection.

Mouthpiece & Case, Accessories & Care
The hyTech includes a 7C Silver plated brass mouthpiece and is compatible with any standard trumpet mouthpiece. The instrument is standard in a quality compact and sturdy padded gig bag/back pack. Fits in a locker, on the bus, and anywhere you want to go. pTrumpet hyTech accepts any normal mouthpiece and mute and can be easily cleaned with standard trumpet care items.

Amazingly light at just 1.4 lbs, the hyTech aids great technique and encourages good posture in younger players or for those who find a traditional trumpet simply too heavy. Its robust design makes it perfect for any performance activity – in fact it’s easy to take it everywhere!

Despite its high quality performance features, the surprising price enables everyone to enjoy a high quality trumpet for a fraction of the cost, a perfect addition to any band.

• Bb metal/polymer trumpet
• 5” Bell, Medium Large bore
• Top sprung valves with ABS guides
• Patented hybrid lead-pipe design
• Metal water keys with silicon seals on main and 3rd valve tuning slides
• Stainless steel sleeved pistons
• Aluminium top & bottom valve caps, stems and contoured finger buttons
• Lightweight; 650g (1.4lb)
• Works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece,
• Padded gig bag/back pack
• Luxurious & durable black finish with silver trim

“Best Teaching Tool for Intermediate Students” by the School Band & Orchestra Best Tools for Schools Awards NAMM 2019. 

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