Whether you are looking for an easy to play musical instrument for yourself, or a teacher looking to teach an entire class, there’s a pInstrument waiting for you. It’s no surprise that our instruments are very popular with adults, teachers, children professional musicians and more, because they are designed to be musical, fun, easy to play, affordable and durable.

Welcome to pPlayMusic! 
We’re passionate about music education.

Warwick Music is dedicated to providing greater access to music education, which provides a host of benefits beyond music, including:

• Helps develop language and reasoning skills
• Continuous improvement
• Physical coordination
• Sense of achievement
• Active learning engagement
• Societal cooperation and respect
• Emotional development
• For more about these and other benefits,
visit https://nafme.org/20-important-benefits-of-music-in-our-schools/

Warwick Music Group has used innovative design and manufacturing to create a real instruments made only from recyclable plastic. Made to be carbon neutral and safer than traditional brass instruments, pInstruments are ideal for promoting equitable access to a music education.

It’s easy, safe and fun to pPlay. With just a little guidance, everyone can have fun making music and learning important lessons about life as the same time. Best of all, it’s affordable so teachers and parents can bring the benefits of music to everyone!

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